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Leave town with peace of mind. Alert your City of Milledgeville Police Department about your departure and return plans and help us keep an eye on things while you're gone. Take a few minutes to fill in the blanks on this simple yet comprehensive list and e-mail it in strict confidence and security. This list provides us with the information we need to be alert to unlawful activity on your property in your absence.

Program Limitations
House checks are provided as a courtesy by the Milledgeville Police Department. This program is not designed as nor intended to be used as a long-term security service. In the event that you require that level or duration of security, please contact a security vendor.

Milledgeville's house check program is designed for short-term vacation travel. Therefore, please understand that house checks are limited to 30 consecutive days and will not be undertaken for vacant properties, realtors, or homeowners who are absent from their property more than 30 days. If our officers determine that a property does not qualify based on these criteria, we will remove it from the list and contact you at the phone numbers you have provided. If you have questions about the program, please contact the Milledgeville Police Department at 478-414-4000

The City of Milledgeville is pleased to offer this service as a convenience and benefit to its citizens. Please be advised that while the Milledgeville Police Department strives to provide enhanced security through this information in the form of drive-by patrols and greater awareness, we cannot guarantee crime or theft prevention. The frequency and level of monitoring is subject to the operations and resources of the department during that particular period of time.


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